Iced Lactation Tea – Simple Recipe

Are you providing hydration for two, this summer? Can’t you wait to spice up your water with a different type of ice cold drink? Let’s make some Lactation Iced Tea, which will most certainly your new favorite summer drink. Trying to stay hydrated during this summer heat,. while sipping on a delicious cold drink. We like to call her Lactation Sun-Tea. Yum!

Iced Lactation Tea Ingredients

  • Big jar/jug
  • Après Cesar Organic Lactation Tea Melange
  • Tea Bags / Tea Egg
  • Water (1-1,5 l)
  • Honey or other sweetener
  • Optional: orange, lemon, mint, cinnamon

How to prepare the Lactation Iced Tea?

Step #1
Start by boiling the water.
Place it in a heat-resistant (glass) container. We like to use a large with clasp closure.

Step #2
Add 3-5 scoops of the Tea Melange in a tea dispenser of your choice, such as a tea egg or fillable tea bags. Hang into your hot water. Add (Manuka) honey to taste. You can also add different other spices you enjoy. Let the water cool.

Step #3
Close or cover the jar. Place the jar in the sunshine. For example in the window still, or outside on the deck. Let the tea steep for multiple hours to get a rich blend of flavor.

Step #4
Place your tea in the fridge. Serve ice cold.

Hopefully you’ll love this simple, flavorful iced tea just as much as we do. It’s delicious, healthy and the tea melange is curated to fully support your breastmilk. Nourishment guaranteed! 🙂

So get yourself a nice big tumbler, fill it up with ice cubes & iced tea and enjoy your summer feedings with your new favorite drink. Enjoy!


Just an extra tip: You can follow the above lactation ice tea recipe with any other nice tea flavor you have laying around. Obviously it won’t be with lactation boosting ingredients, but you know how important it is to be drinking enough when you’re a nursing mother. We like to make 2 different batches at the same time, so you save time AND are stocked up on enough liquids, AND can mix up your flavors.

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