6 Ways To Beat Morning Sickness

With the power of a pregnancy, and all the changes your body has to go through, we have to surrender to many bodily discomforts. One of the first to kick in is usually morning sickness. And as a true preggo, you’ve probably already experienced that many times, the sickness doesn’t limit itself to the mornings. Yuk!

Don’t get us wrong – we’re super blessed to have been given the gift of conceivement. Carrying a new soul within our female temple is a true blessing. But that doesn’t relieve the discomforts of an upset stomach in the moment. Therefore we’ve curated some easy accessible tips to fight the nausea. Did you know about these already?

Nausea Tip #1 – Don’t get hungry

You’re reading it correctly, don’t get hungry. Usually it’s too late by then, so it’s better to make sure you have some food in your stomach at all times – even when you don’t feel like it at all. Eat a dry (salty) cracker as soon as you get out of bed (or even before in case of fatigue, dizziness, vomiting etc.).

Nausea Tip #2 – Little Sips

Take little sips of water throughout the day. Try to prevent taking in large amounts at once, especially on an empty stomach. Always make sure to hydrate enough, just do it throughout the entire day.

Nausea Tip #3 – Small Meals

Little sips, little meals! Spread your meals over 5-6 small meals to not have the best Over-eating can make you feel very bloated as well, so this contributes to that as well.

Nausea Tip #4 – Avoid These Foods

Avoid fatty (fried) foods. Very spicy food also isn’t recommended.

Nausea Tip #5 – Ginger

Ginger is common advice given to mother-to-be’s who struggle with pregnancy nausea. You could try Ginger Ale, but you could also make a simple ginger tea or opt for a ginger supplement.

Nausea Tip #6 – Rest

Last but not least: make sure your body gets enough rest. Surrender to that nap when you feel like it and just don’t overdo it in general. Your body is working over-hours to create an entire human being. If you run around like you did pre-pregnancy, your body will eventually catch up with you. So keep it easy, and hold onto your energy wherever you can.

BONUS TIP – Anti Nausea Spray

Have you given all of these tips a try already? Not much success so far?
It might be worth trying out our Anti Nausea Aura Spray.

We’ve developed this spray during our own pregnancies, which came with persisting nausea. The nausea was only getting more manageable around week 26, with only a few episodes a week up until birth. But as you can understand, solutions were still heavily sought after. Luckily, our herbal mother who loves brewing up something nice and voilá, this is how our Anti Nausea Aura Spray was founded.

Was the Anti Nausea Aura Spray some miraculous wonderspray?

No, not specifically. BUT. There were enough times where it DID relieve. Where it distracted from the ongoing nausea, diverting our senses to alleviate the headache, nausea and overall discomfort.

We wish that upon everybody. That’s why we’ve decided to make this available as an affordable, easily accessible product to everyone. Hopefully it’ll help you in your journey to becoming a mother.

And don’t forget: while in the moment, the nausea is the worst thing you could imagine, just know that in most cases it will eventually get better, and that the baby you have created will be awaiting at the end of this chapter. Magic! <3

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