Herbal Room Spray ~ EQUILIBRE


  • Baby-Safe Room Spray

  • All Natural Ingredients

  • Zero Toxins

  • Perfect for Rooms, Aura & Linens



Do you want to create a harmonious, safe ambiance in your house? Perhaps calm your senses during childbirth? Our balancing Botanicals offer the best light smell for pregnancy & postpartum mothers. Nothing heavy, but a soft and harmonious smell that’s baby-safe. Detoxify your surroundings with our Heart Chakra Harmonizing (HCH) Room Spray. Baby-safe

Are you looking for that soft, gentle blend of potent herbs that will set off your senses? Or are you trying to balance out the stinky smells?




Combine the benefits of the best distilled botanic blend and clearing the fifth Chakra – the Heart Chakra. Heart-chakra

—> All natural Room Spray

—> Specific blend of herbs helps to open up …th Chakra

—> Could be used on linens too.


Spray preferred amount in the air. Could be used as aura-spray. 





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Herbal Room Spray ~ EQUILIBRE