About Us

“We’re here to help moms to find their way to the purest baby and mother products. And ultimately to themselves.”

Our History

Changing Industry Standards

Becoming a mother is hard enough without the immense overkill of nonsense products for mother and baby. At Apres-Cesar, we like to keep it simple, holistic and transparent. We provide mothers with out-of-the-box information, and offer products only consist of the few items, and are based on generations of mothers before us.


Apres-Cesar Products

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Est. 2017

Our Story

The Mommy Market has been highly commercialized for many years. Many products aren’t even necessary – did you know us women have done this for many generations? Do we even know exactly what’s in these products?


As the result of an overwhelmingly congested Children & Mother Care market, Apres-Cesar was born. It’s become hard to find the right products for ourselves and our families these days, therefore we make them ourselves. We don’t want hundreds of additives, cheap filler-oils or other junk. We want the real deal: products based on the principle of purity.

Apres-Cesar comes from a family farm of Mothers & Daughters. Our products are made with a tremendous amount of love. All of our products have been used within our family, and are free of any harmful particles.

We like to stick to our gut feeling. And that means no nonsense: whether that’s in life or when it comes to our products. We don’t play around, because our families deserve the best, and because mothers need all the support they can. Which is why we strive to create products to help a (new) mom’s life more practical, nurturing and caring.

Do you have any questions about our products? Please feel free to reach out to us, we’d love to tell you all about it. <3

Our Future

Growing Fast

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Regional offices around the world

Core Values

We’re here to serve our sisters. We love providing you and your families with pure products.

Pure & With Love

We make your products with so much love & gratitude. We love serving families.

New Info

We like to bring different angles to the conversation.

Generational Traditions

Based on the knowledge brought to us by the Mothers that came generations before us

Sophisticated Built

Sculptural Illumination

Pleasant, glare-free illumination delivered via sculptural fixtures.
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Industrial Design

Cast Aluminum Forms

Geometric forms rendered in industrial, cast aluminum.
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Superb Finish

Smooth Finish Aluminum

Cast aluminum with a smooth, warm and tactile finish.
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